so, my sincere apologies for the lack of time references in this playlist – i know how you all love that feature (right?) – but i had a mix up with my notes this week, so there you go.  lost in the void.  in any case we heard a lot of great sounds from a lot of great places, and first prize goes to whoever can recognise the mystery voice, going on about speakers and churches, in mabel tapia‘s intro.

the other announcement i have to make is that framework will be taking a well-deserved vacation for the month of august – there is one more show, on august the 3rd, which will be james wyness and duncan whitley‘s edition of framework:afield, constructed from recordings made over the last few years during seville’s semana santa (holy week).  then we’ll be relaxing in the sun (yeah, right) until early september – but fear not!  i wouldn’t leave you with no ear-candy!  a series of repeats of immense historical interest has been arranged, taking us back in time in the framework tardis, beginning, the first week, in 2006, and ending later in the month all the way back in 2002 (did they even have electricity back then?).  the original dates will be on the website, so you can flip back though the yellowing pages of the the playlist archive and see which composers were already born by then.

and when we come back, all tanned and relaxed, we want to see a mountain of new framework intros waiting for us!  get out there, record, proclaim those few lines to the heavens, and send them in!  uncle framework wants you!

mabel tapia  /  framework intro

dallas simpson  /  pool  /  the stonevandal suite  /  –

tore honore boe  /  [track 1]  /  [split w/ emmanuel mieville]  /  tibprod,

emmanuel mieville   /  la voix/l’usine  /  [split w/ tore honore boe]  /  tibprod,

colin potter   /  [extract 1]  /  the sights of the drowned fable  /  icr

philip jeck   /  shining  /  sand  /  touch,

dallas simpson   /  quarry  /  the stonevandal suite  /  –

tore honore boe   /  [track 3]  /  [split w/ emmanuel mieville]  /  tibprod,

ea  /  -  /  balancing act with controlled dynamics  /  winds measure,

colin potter   /  [extract 2]  /  the sights of the drowned fable  /  icr

philip jeck   /  fanfares over  /  sand  /  touch,

dallas simpson   /  bridge  /  the stonevandal suite  /  –

murmer  / etretat surf  /  -  /  –

philip jeck  /  fanfares forward  /  sand  /  touch,

philip jeck   /  residue  /  sand  /  touch,

patrick 2008, regular edition

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