this edition of framework:afield was produced in italy by carlo giordani, and it a sonic tour of his hometown, lovere.  a brief biography and some links for further into on carlo’s work here:

Carlo Giordani is an electronic engineer working in the field of the Information and Communications Technology. He is the head of the Open Systems Division of Cortis Lentini, a software house based in Bergamo. His task is to coordinate the work of Project Managers and to provide consultancy (databases tuning and sizing, local and geographical network design, software development methodologies).

Before this, he was a geophysicist, developing signal processing software and electromagnetic field-handling algorithms, and was a designer of industrial software.

Besides his technical training, he has been interested in photography and sound since 1980. He looks to extract from everyday life, unexpected and quaint sounds, to produce emotions from the construction of a sonorous landscape that is behind the everyday hidden sounds which we are conditioned to ignore.

patrick 2008, framework:afield

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