this edition was produced in nodar, portugal, by john grzinich, during a recent residency at binaural media. for more information see,, and all recordings are raw and untreated.

All recordings from Nodar Portugal. Made in April 2008.

00:00 Intro with metal fence and night cicada
02:36 Improvisation with a datura bush
06:40 Floating wire device
10:00 Wire construction above river
16:02 Waterharp constructions
26:00 Tower wires in wind
33:36 Aqueduct tube
38:10 Metal coils in aqueduct flow
40:08 Bottle phones in water (closed tops)
42:50 Bottle phones (tops open)
44:08 Wire constructions in wind
49:15 Metal fence wire with springs
57:00 end

patrick 2008, framework:afield

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