so – two playlists coming your way this week; i’m sending them separately to avoid confusion, as there’s a lot of info in there.  in fact, this first is both a past and upcoming show – the show which podcasted on the 2nd never went out on the airwaves, due to a technical mix up, so it will be given another chance on 16.12.07.  so if you missed it…  and after next week’s show, resonancefm will be taking a little break for the holidays; the studio will be shut from the 22nd of december until the 7th of january.  so, as per usual, there will be no new editions of framework for a few weeks, but i will be podcasting a few jewels from the archives.  if you have any specific shows you’d like to here from the past five years, let me know, and i will line them up for eventual podcast.  our first new edition of the new year will air on 13.01.08.

the show on the 2nd (and for the 9th) featured sounds by camilla hannan, michael prime,mountains, manu holterbach, and an intro by katie gately.  it was also a vehicle for some blatant self-promotion, featuring the new release by my project, murmer, entitled we share a shadow, on jim haynes’ helen scarsdale agency in san francisco.  for more info see

and since we’re in self-promotion mode, let me also say: if you’re in london, i’ll be playing a small gig next sunday night, the 16th, as part of sprawl’s free advent concert series.  the details:

Advent Sprawl No. 3 – final!
Sunday 16th December
live: Jodi Cave (12k), Murmer, Simon Whetham
short films by: Joel Chernin + Anita Mckeown

49 Columbia Road
London E2 7RG
tubes: Old St  / Bethnal Green / Liverpool St.
ADMISSION FREE. times: 6pm to 10pm

00:00 – 08:39  /  katie gately  /  framework intro

03:03 – 19:45  /  murmer  /  part one  /  we share a shadow  /  helen scarsdale agency,

10:07 – 23:58  /  michael prime  /   insectivorous bats  /  borneo  /  mycophile
[no website info available]

13:33 – 19:00  /  camilla hannan  /  part 4 (itchy)  /  more songs about factories  /  cajid media,

15:11 – 22:35  /  camilla hannan  /  part 1 (light)  /  more songs about factories  /  cajid media,

21:51 – 25:18  /  mountains  /  sewn one  /  sewn  /  apestaartje

23:59 – 32:28  /  michael prime  /  banana rattan  /  borneo  /  mycophile
[no website info available]

25:04 – 38:28  /  camilla hannan  /  part 5  /  more songs about factories  /  cajid media,

32:21 – 42:14  /  michael prime  /  year of the cock  /  borneo  /  mycophile
[no website info available]

38:51 – 42:50  /  manu holterbach  /  patterns in a moonshine soundscape  /  altantic waves[compilation]  /  the wire

40:38 – 44:40  /  mountains  /  bay  /  sewn  /  apestaartje

43:13 – 58:27  /  murmer  /  part two  / we share a shadow  /  helen scarsdale agency,

54:33 – 59:30  /  michael prime  /  rogon walking  /  borneo  /  mycophile
[no website info available]

patrick 2007, regular edition

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