this edition of framework:afield was produced in oxford, uk by felicity ford.  for more information see  felicity says:

This edition of framework features a range of different approaches to exploring the domestic soundscape and has been curated by Felicity Ford, AKA the littlesongbox.

This show I hope illustrates some of the issues/ideas/themes around domestic field-recordings. Strategies for capturing our everyday lives with sound range from detailed interviews about daily tasks, as created by Kayla Bell and Claudia Figueiredo for their graduation event – ‘Mundane Appreciation Week’ – right through to electronically manipulated recordings made from rooms with ‘additional effects to make something a bit more listenable,’ (Domestic Hiss.)

Many of the recordings found in this selection began life as the sound element in an installation; Amy Vickery’s ‘Stairs’ was installed in a brown package at the top of her stairs in an exhibition she did in her home, during her graduating art show. Likewise, her ‘4 London Road’ piece was originally the soundtrack to a series of still photographs of domestic locations. Suzanne Williams and Dio Mock made several soundtracks to be installed in an old Jam Factory in huge mason jars; (the speakers were immersed in jam.) Although their recordings are largely taken from outdoors, I think the domestic context of the jam jar and the overall comment about the relationships between locale and home make ‘Canal Jam’ a relevent inclusion here. And this relates also to the work of John Zeman whose piece ‘An evening at Home’ was the second piece for the ‘What’s For Dinner?’ exhibit at the Museum of Domestic Design. According to their promotional material ‘It depicted the preparation of a meal and the enjoyment of it, in contrast to its counterpart, which was about the journey to obtain it. This piece reflected the warmth and comfort of being at home, the care that goes into a meal, and enjoyment that comes from sharing that meal with the ones you love.”

This edition of framework also features several excerpts of work from Aeron and Alejandra, (The Lucky Kitchen Label) ranging from the found-sound/manipulated sound/musical collages of ‘The Shed Record’ and ‘Christmas in the Empire’ to their ‘Family Album’ in which they asked people they knew to send in recordings – like sonic snapshots – of their families.

With ‘The Shed Record’ in particular, the music/field-recording line is continually blurred, as we hear many moments when Aeron’s Grandmother is singing and playing the piano. This confusion about domestic environment/music will be familiar to anyone who has grown up in an environment where music practise, piano-playing and other ‘musical’ activity is part of the soundscape; Joseph Young’s ‘Family Album’ looks at this in more detail, while the Kitchen Sink Dharma recording ‘ Dusting a Piano’ explores the less glamourous side of growing up with instruments in the house. The end of a Diane Cluck song is also featured in relation to this point because it is interesting that she has allowed her real life to enter the normally sealed recording environment. The phone rings, she picks it up and stops playing the song. Are we listening to her everyday life or to her song or are they just the same thing?

It is Peter Cusack’s recording, however, ‘Onions frying in my flat’ from ‘Your Favourite London Sounds’ that really needs to be noted here; the cataloguing of detail from people’s everyday lives that underpinned the whole process of making ‘Your Favourite London Sounds’ is probably the thing I heard which got me interested in the idea of the domestic soundscape in the first place.

Joseph Young – Family Album / Domestic Hiss – Bathroom / Bell & Figueiredo - Mundane Appreciation Interviews

Suzanne Williams & Dio Mock – Canal Jam / Bell & Figueiredo – Mundane Appreciation Interviews / Felicity Ford (the littlesongbox) – The Perfect Cup of Tea

Peter Cusack – Onions Frying in my flat / John Zeman – An evening at home / Kitchen Sink Dharma – Cooking Omelettes at home

Kitchen Sink Dharma – Nothing cooking / Bell & Figueiredo – Mundane Appreciation Interviews / Gallagho Kitchen Soundpack – The Freesounds Project

Peter Cusak – Keys in my door / Joe Young – Family Album / Amy Vickery – Stairs

Amy Vickery – 4 London Road / Alejandra & Aeron – The Shed Record / Domestic Hiss – Kitchen

Felicity Ford (the littlesongbox) – Washing machine, telephone pickup / Alejandra & Aeron – The Shed Record  / Kitchen Sink Dharma – Dusting a Piano

Joseph Young – Family Album / Alejandra & Aeron – Family Album / Alejandra & Aeron – Christmas in the empire

Magali Babin – Chuchotement / Felicity Ford (the littlesongbox) – Telephone pick up and telephone / Felicity Ford (the littlesongbox) – The Speaking Clock

Joceline Colvert – Creaking Floorboards / Alejandra & Aeron – Family Album / Tim Coster – Liz’s alarm clock

Diane Cluck  – taking a phonecall halfway through a song!

patrick 2007, framework:afield

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