this edition of framework:afield was produced in new york city by ben owen.  for more information on ben and his work see

lawrence english.  4:48

andy graydon.  aina. 12:49
aina    20070308
a 12 minute edit of field recordings from Maui.
order of events:
line noise.
haiku, bamboo forest, contact mic.
haiku, edge of the gulch.
rain on garage roof, contact mic.
rain on deck roof, stereo.
makamakaole stream.
haiku, small stones.
nyc, broken xmas ornament on floor.
bamboo forest, stereo.

nathan mcninch.  en-hiver.  6:03
the track is composed of a selection of winter recordings made with some of my really low quality home made mics. you can hear the short comings of the mics in the recordings, limited frequency range, there are a few clicks and pops… the title is “en hiver”(in winter) recordings from the same sessions were used in ‘from the falling snow’ and ‘a lonesome arctic waltz’
the recordings were made within a one block radius of my home in montreal, and on my parents farm in ontario.

john clair.  valentine morning.  7:21
valentine morning with margaret and gulliver
recorded feb 14, 2007, westchester NY

gilles aubry.  siegessaule_tunnel.  5:14
This recording was made inside the about 100 meters long underground passage allowing access to the Siegessauele monument located at a large crossroads in the middle of Tiergarten in Berlin.
During the audition, the tunnel becomes the place of a natural mixing process of several sound sources, redefining the terms of their encounter : The heavy traffic noise from above is attenuated and reverberated, resulting in a continuous and smooth sonic flow.
The various sounds of the pedestrians walking inside blend in progressively, becoming more defined as they get closer to the microphone and vanishing again after a while.

ben scott.  file0199.  4:11
it is soft and odd. a recording of a Cleo toy with batteries gone dry, and other muffled room sounds buried way down deep, almost sounding EVP style. it is a straight up field rec, with no edits, or manip. nor was it set up in any way.

joda clement.  perthlake2.  1:50
lake feedback, metal canoe (w/ external battery powered monitor)
(Perth, Ontario, July 2006)
So you know, this excerpt was recorded in the middle of a lake, in Perth Ontario, with my small military radio used as a monitor, positioned in the middle of a metal canoe, with a microphone taped to the side of the canoe, pointed at the lake’s surface, going into my Minidisc and the output sent to the monitor (thus: feeback informed by the environment). This wild outburst seemed to be informed by my physical relationship to the monitor as we moved across the lake (I was not paddling).

kristen roos.  comox_train_starting.  2:34
This is a recording that was made during a train ride down Vancouver Island. It was recorded in the bathroom of this one car train, the only space that had lots of ambient sounds because it had a toilet that just dropped right out to the tracks.

gill arno.  blackout at leo.  4:05
sometime before 1997
this one somehow made it to my current hard drive, migrating computer after computer through more than ten years of upgrades. for some reason it is mono – i’m not sure why but i imagine i was working with mono sound files back then to keep a minimum cpu usage. the recording was made at leoncavallo, the venerable milanese squat. ozric tentacles, a big stoner group from england were playing that night and in the middle of the concert there was a power failure. for a long time we were all packed together in this huge pitched black warehouse space…

gen ken montgomery.  hong-kong-birdmarket.  7:04
walking through hong kong birdmarket, 1998

gill arno.  Avrà risposto qualcuno? (excerpt)  9:24
september, 1997
there was a point in the subway system in milan in which the sound in the tunnel would go “wooooo”, a kind of scream that i had always thought was quite lovely. so one day just before moving to nyc i recorded it with my cheap walkman.
it was nice to find and listen again to that 10 years old tape – of course it satisfies my fixation with memory and displacement. but subway recordings are kind of common place in the field of phonography, so i hope you will still find it interesting in its own right, beyond my subjective take.
the title comes from a voice that you can hear towards the end. it means
“will anybody have replied?”

patrick 2007, framework:afield

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