this edition of framework:afield was produced in paris, france, by harold schellinx.  for more information see

BACK TO BERLIN – The Master of Germany

In february of this year HarS went back to Berlin, to pick up tapes trashed in the streets, and to participate in Rinus van Alebeek’s ‘das kleine field recordings festival’. As always, in his pocket there was a dictaphone. And pinned to his jacket, there was a small microphone. And he recorded. Hours and hours and hours. But not the performances. And not the concerts. All of these recordings were made around it. On the way to a performance. Late at night out in Berlin streets; or in bars, long after the evening sessions had finished.

Back to Berlin – The Master of Germany is a one hour selection from these recordings, made especially for Framework: low fi field recording ‘das kleine field recordings festival’. Thanks to all those that, knowingly or unknowingly, found themselves field recorded.

You can listen to the full 24/7 Back to Berlin audio webstream at, and read about ‘das kleine field recordings festival’ in the SoundBlog, at

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