this edition of framework:afield was produced in malaysia by yeoh yin pin.  for more information see  yin pin says:

The selection is loosely based on an idea for a novella which never really got off the ground from a few years back. The main idea focuses on a solitary, nomadic and non-interventionist consciousness roaming various territories and sensibilities (affects, lives, dreams, livelihoods, etc.) that generally revolve around century old “subject matter” like Religion, Man, Culture, Being, Time, and Nature. Briefly, the narrative commences like any other typical existential search for an/the all-consuming Meaning but slowly turns into a discovery of and connection with Auditory Life in all its complexity and nuances.’

||| PART 1 |||

a) Kyoto, Hanazono (Ukyo): Myoshinji Temple (AD 698), reprise
[from Bonsho: Japanese Temple Bells (8th-17th Century)]

b) Len Lye – Bell Wand (Components)
[from Len Lye, Composing Motion]

c) Jean-Luc Herelle – End of a Thunder-Storm With Numerous Bells
[from Jean-Luc Herelle, Pastoral Bells]

d) End of festival, with temple bell, and drums and trumpets
[from Tibetan Buddhist Rites from the Monasteries of Bhutan]

||| PART 2 |||

a) Bela Bartok – Elindultam a Hazambol
[from Bela Bartok, Hungarian Songs]

b) Steven Feld – Nauvo, Finland
[from Steven Feld, THE TIME OF BELLS, 1 Soundscapes of Italy, Finland,
Greece and France]

c) Approaching a village in the early morning
[from Honeywind: Sounds From A Santal Village (India)]

||| PART 3 |||

a) Church bell and Coptic Bible recitation
[from Egypt: Echoes of the Nile: Aspects of Egyptian Music]

b) Azan
[from Indian Soundscapes]

c) Justin Bennett, Tracks 3, 8 and 9
[from Justin Bennett, The Mosques of Tanger]

||| PART 4 |||

a) Yeoh Yin Pin – Outside a Taoist Temple @ Tepi Sungai, Klang

b) Dan Gibson – Storm on Wilderness Lake
[from Dan Gibson, Solitudes 6: Storm on Wilderness Lake/Night on
Wilderness Lake]

c) Dan Gibson – Dawn on the Desert
[from Dan Gibson, Solitudes 5: Dawn on the Desert/Among the Mountain
Canyons and Valley]

patrick 2007, framework:afield

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