#868: 2023.11.26 [manja ristić & mark vernon]

this edition of framework:afield is a collaboration between regular contributors manja ristić and mark vernon. for more information see their websites at https://manjaristic.blogspot.com/ and http://meagreresource.com/. producer’s notes:

The artistic practice of both Manja and Mark has been deeply immersed in the sonic strata of space and the imaginary narratives that emerge from it. A dedication to the culture of memory, the sounding of lost voices and an unorthodox approach to re-composing the soundscape, conveniently unites these two experimenters in a collaboration that arises from research into one particularly inspiring locality – the island of Korčula.

In addition to their own field recordings, the artists were given access to the audio archives of the local radio station, including sounds of local folk customs, traditional songs, festivities and music. The strong anthropological emphasis in this collection of works is intended to encourage a deeper consideration of the coexistence of people and the environment in a historically dense climate. The appropriation of the hidden narratives of a small town on the fringes of the European Union opens up new fields of reflection on identity that looks back at the “centre of the periphery”, pointing to the importance of “small” spaces in the creation of European heritage.

‘Sound postcards from the centre of the periphery’ will be stored permanently in the audio archives of Radio Korčula. Who knows, maybe someone will dig them out in 50 years and say: “…there you go!” This will make your head ring!”

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