#860: 2023.10.01 [edbrass brasil]

this edition of framework:afield is the second of a series of four entitled amazonia revisited, airing over the second half of 2023. this episode has been produced in by edbrass brasil and is entitled water memory. for more information see https://amazoniarevisited.com. producer’s notes:

These radio programs emerged as the fruit of the creative residency that brought together four sound artists – Thelmo Cristovam (BR), EdBrass (BR), Rodrigo Ramos (BR) and Dave Phillips (Switzerland), from the sound material captured in 2006 by Thelmo Cristovam and in 2011 by Dave Phillips, both in the Amazon rainforest. The sound records of 2006, digitized and restored in the first phase of this project by Thelmo Cristovam, now resurface revisited and reimagined in the creation of the pieces in this series.

Program 2: Water Memory – by Edbrass Brasil
This is a fictional “memory book” constructed from the shared field recordings. The first part uses the work of purifying water sources in the Amazon of 2022. In the foreground, listen to the sounds produced by the machine during the purification process, which, is subdivided into several other steps, the understanding of which escapes us. The collaborators were then asked to submit sounds, objects or textures that reinforce the idea of an unknown technology.

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