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a recent visit to budapest meant the opportunity to make another edition of framework:ephemera, this time with composer and label curator ákos garai, who was kind enough to invite us into his home, serve us some wonderfully dry tokaji, and show up a bit of his city. if you don’t know already, framework:ephemera is our newest show format, where we visit an artist or curator in their own space, and ask them to make selections from their own music collections for an edition of the show.

ákos showed us around town; we walked from his home through buda towards the danube, and on its banks near the university we discussed the selections he had made for the show: something of a look back in time, a collection of what might be called ‘classic’ works, that i’m sure many of us remember from the early/mid 90’s, by names that certainly should be familiar if they are not, john duncan, jim o’rourke, bernhard günter, giancarlo toniutti… these are the artists that got me interested in the world of sound in the first place, and it seems so as well for ákos.

ákos requested that the show be pieced together with a certain element of randomness, which i tried to do by randomly selecting the tracks and excerpts from the works he provided and allowing them the fade and layer in whatever order they fell. the result, i think, is quite a compelling soundscape, that allows us, as ákos put it, to drop into it, rather than follow from point a to point b.

for more information on our guest and his work you can have a look at his own website, as well as that of his label, 3leaves, now entering its 4th year, and having just released its 20th work, featured in this show, annea lockwood’s soundmap of the housatonic river, another testament to the smallness of the world, as this meeting in budapest brings back the memories of the 4 years i myself spent alongside the housatonic during my time at university in western massachusetts.

again, we are always looking for new material, whether raw field recordings, field recording based composition, or introduction submissions. we are also now accepting proposals for full editions of our guest curated framework:afield series. send proposals or material, released or not, on any format, to the address at the bottom of this mail. if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

(time / artist / track / album / label)

00:00 – 05:13  /  martin clarke  /  framework introduction

02:16 – 13:58  /  ákos garai  /  [excerpt]  /  subway budapest  /  –

04:41 – 15:43  /  hildegard westerkamp  /  cricket voices  / transformations  /  empreintes digitales,

08:39 – 19:59  /  bernhard günter  /  four grey paintings (for jim o’rourke)  /  détails agrandis  /  selektion,

11:23 – 21:39  /  giancarlo toniutti & siegmar fricke  /  “-K-/-NK-“  /  *KO/USK-  /  pans’ur pans, cjàse me,

15:57 – 26:12  /  jim o’rourke  /  [excerpt]  /  rules of reduction  / metamkine

20:46 – 31:08  /  annea lockwood  /  [excerpt 1]  /  a soundmap of the housatonic river  /  3 leaves,

26:18 – 36:26  /  john duncan  /  [excerpt]  /  crucible  /  die stadt,

29:45 – 39:40  /  giancarlo toniutti & siegmar fricke  /  “-S-/-ST-“  /  *KO/USK-  /  pans’ur pans, cjàse me,

32:37 – 44:15  /  bernhard günter  /  écriture automatique (for giancarlo toniutti)  /  détails agrandis  /  selektion,

37:30 – 47:15  /  akos garai  /  [excerpt]  /  barges and flows  /  3 leaves,

42:27 – 53:11  /  hildegard westerkamp  /  a walk through the city  / transformations  /  empreintes digitales,

45:57 – 57:00  /  annea lockwood  /  [excerpt 2]  /  a soundmap of the housatonic river  /  3 leaves,

patrick 2013, framework:ephemera

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