01 ::: jonáš gruska ::: federovo ::: 19:12
02 ::: bird & renoult ::: what you see ::: 29:35
03 ::: fintan o’brien ::: xixuau part 1 ::: 17:04

01 ::: jonáš gruska ::: federovo ::: 19:12

Federovo is a piece about soundscapes of small wooden hut in the mountains of Slovakia. No electricity, no running water – just meadows, pastures and woodlands. Piece consists of 4 parts, highlighting the meadow insects, distant cargo trains singing kilometres away, sheep bells and a small story about making tea on a wooden stove.

Present meadow experiments are about capturing micro-worlds in the grass. Very sensitive and low-noise microphones are placed amongst the microcosm of the fauna and set to capture long recording sessions, since it takes a while until the local environment accepts the microphone intruders and starts to sing again. One can hear detailed crackles of the grass itself, small insect footsteps and even insects very slightly hitting the microphones.



02 ::: bird & renoult ::: what you see ::: 29:35

A 30 min sound work inspired by aerial disappearances and crashes. Commissioned by Radiophrenia radio art festival (2016)

In June 2016 during a Bio Arts society residency in Kilpisjarvi, Northern Finland, we came across the crash site of a WWII German Junker bomber plane, brought down in the midst of the bleak Arctic landscape in 1942. Over seventy years later remnants of the aircraft are cleary visible, possible wing parts, piping and rusty metal are fused and fossilized into the stony lunar landscape, like a decaying dinosaur carcus, or perhaps a forgotten memorial to those who perished. The recordings in this piece were made almost entirely on site.



03 ::: fintan o’brien ::: xixuau part 1 ::: 17:04

I have always loved the sounds of nature and weather.  I grew up with talk of the Amazon rainforest and the many butterflies there.  Decades later I travelled to northern Brazil and recorded the strange and varied sounds of the jungle in the Xixuau river/village area about 400 km north-west of Manaus.  I stayed there about 5 weeks.  The recording begins with Monkeys and Crickets calling at first light.  Also present are Spectacled Owl and a Motmot, they call in the gloom while out on the water come the occasional growl of a Caiman, sometimes a fresh water dolphin surfaces for air.  The piece continues with the wailing of a Tinamou, soon a distant Red Billed Toucan yelps.  The recording ends with frogs and various birds.