#621: 2017.12.03 [aural tectonics]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced by students of University of the Arts, The Hague, Netherlands, in conjunction with Raviv Ganchrow’s Aural Tectonics workshop at the Institute of Sonology.

Studies in Nonstandard Binaural Hearing, 00:57:19, binaural audio

! Please listen with headphones ! The following recordings have been produced with binaural methods and require headphone playback for spatial accuracy.

The following broadcast contains a series of nonstandard binaural explorations conducted over the course of the Aural Tectonics workshop, at the Institute of Sonology, in autumn of 2017. Binaural recording and playback methods underscore the hearing apparatus as an innate technology and the body itself as a form of site. Participant’s pinnae – the outer portion of the ear crucial for rendering experiences of embodied spatial sound – were cast out of their head sockets and fitted with miniature microphones. Working with these disjoined microphonic ears, dedicated strategies of site-specific recording and audio montage were then developed. The following sequence explores the embodied, yet disjunctive, auditory qualities and spatial agencies of nonstandard first-person hearing. […]